I am thrilled to have you here, and if we have decided to work together, this can be fun! I’m very enthusiastic and highly motivated when it comes to working with clients. The one thing that I feel is most important in a customer relationship is setting healthy boundaries from the beginning.

Producing creative work is a full-time job, dedicating an enormous amount of energy, time, and resources. Especially for a complex, multi-part project that is regularly updated, like a website, writing content, designing graphics, marketing strategy, and professional photography.

The skills require substantial time to develop and refine. You’re looking at years of hard work and dedication and expense. Let’s not forget the investment in equipment and software required to do the job.

Creatives have to pay the rent or mortgage. Manage health care. Support their family and pets. Pay for utilities. Pay taxes. Buy supplies and equipment. Do research. Travel for conferences and events.

Instagram likes and tweets, or talking about how much people love your work is not enough. Creative work requires financial reciprocation to sustain the business.

We love our work, and our clients, and working with us is fun. Please keep in mind, this is our job, and we should receive payment for every service we provide.

To serve efficiently, we have processes and systems in place. We take time off on the weekends to rejuvenate and enjoy our families. We are available during our office hours by appointment. Behind the scenes, we are devoted to providing excellent work for our clients, delivered on time.

We want to help you maximize your impact by bringing solutions to life, building empathy with your target audience and having a better brand presence that is positive and uplifting for your business.

If we’re a good fit, we can be great partners to help you achieve your desired outcome, build a bigger influence and impact with your audience.

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