Tovani Design is a website development & digital marketing studio located in Sacramento, California, owned by me, Chrysti Tovani. My philosophy is to create products to be innovative, empathetic, and designed to inspire. I'm passionate about developing a one of a kind visual experience through beautifully engaging photography, graphics, and custom WordPress websites for my clients.



Hello, I'm Chrysti Tovani. I'm here to elevate and empower you to connect with your ideal customers.

Do you need help building a successful digital footprint for your brand?

For many companies and organizations, the ability to adapt online makes a difference between success and failure. I know you want to succeed or you wouldn't be here right now.

My processes are straightforward, efficient, and effective. One size does not fit all, but we can work together and strategize to help you accomplish your goals. Think of me as your concierge to the web.

We live in a tech savvy mobile society with so many resources. Attention spans are short. You must be on social media engaging, so you'll be first in mind when someone needs what you do. Be the one who is visible everyday, on their computer screens and phones.

I actively participate with the startup community in Sacramento as a volunteer for Startup Grind and the Social Media Club of Sacramento.

I have a vast network of creative professionals that I collaborate with on some projects. I work with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and agencies. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, I may enlist another specialist for things such as copy-writing, aerial photography, video production, and various tasks.

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Most of my clients are startups and local businesses that need a professional quality website that doesn't look like a DIY job. I don't take on every potential client that contacts me. I look for clients that are a good fit. Someone who wants their site up quickly, communicates regularly, and provides necessary content as soon as possible.

I began building websites for fun over 20 years ago and was one of the first real estate agents in Sacramento to have a website, in 1998. I remember people rolling their eyes when I said that the internet was the future! Hello digital marketing! I began teaching people how to use social media effectively.

After completing the Art New Media program for web development, graphic design, and photography at American River College, I started my freelance business. My websites are built using the Genesis Framework for reliability and trust. I have website plans that won't break your budget. Ask me about it.

I'm also the Founder of the "I Love Fair Oaks" community website, which highlights everything Fair Oaks, CA related.

You can view more of my professional profile on LinkedIn.

Ready to rule the Internet?

Tell me about your project.  Do you already have a site that you need help learning to use? I offer training and consulting to get you set up with using your WordPress website and social media. Do you need help managing and maintaining your website? I've got you covered with Website Care plans.